Solar Series Roadway Light

solar LED street light roadwaysolar LED street light roadway

Solar Series Roadway Light

The Solar Series Roadway Light provides efficient solar LED lighting for a variety of general illumination applications, without the need for trenching or utility connection. The Solar Series Roadway Light is an ideal solution for roadways solutions delivering superior brightness, reliable operation and exceptional return on investment.


The Solar Series Roadway Light is a reliable, robust and powerful stand-alone solar lighting solution, particularly suitable for road and parking lighting. This innovative product offers a very simple and fast installation with unequalled performance, and connected services for control & monitoring.


  • Horizontal solar panels
  • Aerospace grade battery technology
  • Remote monitoring
  • Adaptive lighting
  • Anti blackout
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
  • Theft proof


Parks Establish safe community zones for children, adults and elderly
Sidewalks Increased safety for mid-block or uncontrolled sidewalks
Parking Lots Reduce crime & increase safety for drives, pedestrians and staff
Increase Safety High brightness LED lighting clearly illuminates people, objects and moving vehicles within the area
Decrease Costs Zero electricity costs, simple installation, no maintenance and long-term cost savings
Improve Reliability Proven performance throughout North American with 100,000 operating hours & 80% lumen maintenance