Urban Lighting Solutions

Who We are


We provide intelligent LED lighting and renewable power for urban and industrial infrastructure. Our products incorporate industry proven solar power engines with high brightness LED lighting technology to create durable solutions that last a lifetime.


We work with city planners, construction companies, consultants, engineers, municipalities and contractors to design unique LED lighting solutions. Our experienced team consults on all aspects, including technology design, cost analysis, logistics and installation to develop efficient, maintained and well operated programs.


We specialize in lighting for street safety, ports, industrial facilities and railyards. Our mission is to use the advancement in technology to help each customer increase safety, reduce costs and lower their carbon emissions.

24 Hour Solar LED Warning Beacons
Enhance Traffic Safety 24 Hours Per Day With Autonomous Flashing Beacons

Crosswalk Solar LED Beacons
Increase Pedestrian Safety With Activated Beacons

Wireless Scheduled Solar LED Beacons
Improve Pedestrian & Traffic Safety During Peak Hours

Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED Lighting
Illuminate Urban Areas With High Brightness Solar LED Lighting


LED Area Lighting
Uniform LED Area Lighting, Less Power Consumption and Increased Safety


LED Lighting Systems
Unique Solutions For High Level Safety Requirements

Urban Renewables Advantages


Solar power and LED lighting solutions incorporate the latest in technology by delivering compact and efficient off grid safety solutions within a small environment footprint.


Designed and Manufactured in North America


Proven Energy Management System Ensures Operations in All Conditions


Low Cost with High Performance and Industry Best Warranty


Solar-Powered and Wireless To Save On Power Bills and End Roadway Trenching


Installs In Minutes To Minimize Traffic Disruption and Allow For Relocation and Re-Purposing


Aesthetic Self-Contained Design Enhances Streetscapes and Inhibits Vandalism

Take Advantage Of A Free Consultation


Our team is available to discuss your project requirements and provide pricing at your request.