LED Parking & Security Lighting


LED Parking & Security Lighting


The LED Parking & Security Lighting System for new installations reduces power consumption, expands lighting coverage and increases safety.


The LED Parking & Security Lighting System blends extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and light quality to bring you the latest advancements in LED technology. Added with a clean, modern housing and versatile mounting options all with an attractive price point. Whether you have a new construction or upgrade application, the LED lighting system is perfect for parking lots, internal roadways, walkways and general site lighting. By reducing energy consumption and downtime due to maintenance and bulb replacement issues, your facility will run more efficiently resulting in lower operating costs and a return-on-investment in as little as 2-3 years.


For sites striving for environmental excellence and leadership, this is a perfect option for reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption by up to 80% and delivering up to 58 percent more efficacy on existing lumen packages at up to 136 lumens-per-watt (LPW) for increased energy savings.


The 10 year warranty includes parts, labour and light levels, ensuring the system maintenance is nil for the next decade.



Parking Lots From shopping malls to private industrial sites, they are all a hazard for pedestrians
Internal Roadways Great for any minor roadway, enhancing safety for drivers and pedestrians
Security Zones Expands lighting coverage and increases safety in large areas
Parking Stands Ideal for vehicles that may be parked connected with a street or roadway